Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental

Phalaborwa Airport

Get Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental right here, your spring board into the Kruger Park.  Phalaborwa airport is an unusually attractive layout with the theme being the Kruger Park Wildlife.   Do you wish to fly in?  Then pre-book your Low cost Flights and  Economical Car Hire right here.


Getting there:

There are daily flight to Phalaborwa airport from Johannesburg, flight time of just over an hour with SA Airlink. Phalaborwa is the central gate to the world famous the Kruger National Park.  Phalaborwa Gate to the Kruger Park entrance is approximately 2 kilometres away.  You collect your Pre Booked car hire at Phalaborwa airport and drive straight into the Kruger National Park.  With both Car Hire and Airline tickets online we make Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental very convenient for you.


Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental

Holiday makers from all corners of the world come to view the South African Wildlife in their natural habitat.  The British, Dutch and German travellers really enjoy a photographic Safari.  Capture your trophy on film and leave it to walk free.!  Returning to your lodge for the laid back life style matched by excellent weather.

Kruger National Park covering 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life forms fuses with historical and archaeological sights.  This is the real Africa. The world-renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa.

Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental

Travel Warning

Warning, there must be sufficient time for you to drive from the gate to your Lodge.  The speed limit is 50 kph on paved roads and you must be in camp before 6pm.  For example Phalaborwa gate to Olifants Camp is 83 km and will take approx 2 hours.  Otherwise you will be refused entry until the following morning.  If you are sensitive to the sun then do wear Sun Block and protection creams.

We strongly advise you to always book your flights & car hire as early as possible to avoid disappointment, Flights & Cars are not unlimited!   Don’t gamble with your marriage and also ruin your holiday plans …!!

Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental awaits you.  Fly the family into Phalaborwa collect your car and spoil them with the wonders of South Africa’s Wild Life – so much to see that will totally amaze children & adults alike ….

Spoil the family – they are worth it – what a surprise!

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Kruger Park Tour

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Car Hire tour Swaziland to Kruger Park

Book cheap flightsThe Kruger Park was first established by the President of the Transvaal, Paul Kruger, in 1898.  Originally known as the Sabie Game Reserve, where hunting took place.  He realise the importance of protecting the wild life from hunters and proclaimed it a National Park.  The size of the Kruger National Park extends 360 kilometres (220 mi) from north to south and 65 kilometres (40 mi) from east to west.  This amounts to a surface area of 19,633 square kilometres and plays host to more than 753 species of animal and 1982 species of in the park. There are 254 known cultural heritage sites in the Kruger, including 130 rock art sites. But firstly compare and book your economical flight and car hire well in advance online.  Fly into one of three airports servicing  Kruger Park, Phalaborwa, Hoedspruit or Nelspruit  Airports.  Collect your pre-booked car hire on arrive and head off on your self drive safari.  Enjoy the Magic of Nature at its Best.

Day One

Either you will fly or drive from Johannesburg or continue from Swaziland north to Kruger Park.
Leave Swaziland through the Jeppes Reef border post. Travel for just over 41km on the R570 before entering the Kruger National Park at Malelane in the South.  We suggest travelling slowly north staying at various camps to avoid having to back track.
Overnight Kruger Park

Kruger National Park

The Kruger National Park admitted the first three tourist cars in 1927. The park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa and is bigger than the state of Israel. Home to Africa’s Big Five, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino, the park is also home to hundreds of other mammal species. Birds such as eagles, vultures and storks are plentiful. It is advisable to bring along a good pair of binoculars and a zoom lens to capture unforgettable creatures in their natural habitat.

The park is ideal for self-drive safaris with the main routes all being tarred. There is a 50kmh speed limit on the tarred roads while the limit is 40kmh on the gravel roads. Should you encounter a group of animals, try to be as quite as possible so as not to disturb them. This will give you more time to observe them in their environment. The park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park linking to the Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe and the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique.


When planning your trip remember that driving in the park at night is not permitted. Always ensure that the route you choose will give you enough time to reach your overnight accommodation before dark. The park has 21 rest camps to offer along with two private lodge concessions. Camping has become a favourite amongst many of the park’s visitors and requires no special permission within controlled camping areas.

In the area are a large variety of private game lodges bordering the Kruger Park.

Kruger Park Wild Life

Overnight Kruger Park

For your return to Johannesburg.   You have the option of travelling to Johannesburg either via the N4 from Mbombela or the N1 from Polokwane.

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Why wait to escape back to nature ?
Plan ahead – Flights, Car Hire and Kruger Park accommodation are always limited, always book well in advance.  The cooler months in the middle of the year are the better times to see the wildlife.

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Nelspruit Airport Car Hire Tempest (Mbombela)

Kruger Park

Welcome to Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela)

Nelspruit is the gateway to the Kruger National Park and its unimaginable unlimited numbers of wildlife, but remember, Flights and Cars are not unlimited!    


We strongly advise to always book your Flight to Nelspruit Airport & Car Hire directly online as early as possible to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important if you have plans to travelling further around South Africa.   Flights & Cars are not unlimited!   Don’t gamble with your marriage and also ruin your holiday plans ….

Originally know as Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) the new name of the airport is know Mbombela Airport Car Hire  Gateway to the world famous Kruger National Park.  The amazing wildlife of South Africa awaits to surprise and capture you in their natural world away from the busy city life.

KMI or Nelspruit Airport is the starting point for those wishing to tour around the Kruger National Park.  Its a very popular area and Car Hire is in big demand.  We strongly recommend that you Book on line as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Tempest car hire has a depot at Nelspruit Airport for entry to the
Kruger National Park.   Your Tempest Car hire is essential for your freedom to get around and to experience the wildlife and their intriguing behaviour patterns at your own pace.  From Nelspruit Airport you can connect to Johannesburg Airport and thereby any other destination you may choose.

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) Gateway to Kruger Park

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) Gateway to Kruger Park

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela)

Apart from the Kruger Park the area once known as the Eastern Transvaal is a very scenic area.  Holiday makers rent a Tempest Car Hire and travel along the Panorama route visiting the various animal rehabilitation sanctuary while enjoying the scenic beauty of the area.  Eventually working their way to a private lodge or Parks Board Lodge in the Kruger park itself.

KMI or Nelspruit Airport is a small airport which may have to bring cars from other depots to meet demand.  We strongly advise not to book at the last minute, you could be disappointed.  Book online

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