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Kimberley Diamonds

Kimberley Airport Car Hire welcomes you
Where diamonds were once mined

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Once you collect your car hire from our Kimberley Airport Car Hire depot, the city of sparkling diamonds awaits you to explore it.  A visit to the Kimberley Diamond Mine museum is a must.  A viewing platform cantilevers out over the “Big Hole” for superb photographs. A tour through the underground will explain how the vertical shaft was mined.  Lastly a tour would not be complete without a walk through the reconstructed village full of shops and bars from a bygone error.

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As Kimberley car hire is in demand with those who want to explore the history of the Diamond mining trade.  We strongly recommend that you Book Online as early as possible to avoid disappointment.  This is particularly important, if you have made arrangements to travel further on holiday across South Africa.

Kimberley Airport Car Hire

The Capital City of the North West Province of South Africa

Kimberley got its name from the word Kimberlite which is an igneous rock best known for sometimes containing diamonds.  Normally it is the cone from the inside of an ancient volcano rising high above ground level.   What is now left in Kimberley is commonly know as the “Big Hole”.  The hill has gone and the volcanic pipe has all been mined out.  The original volcano has been mine back to ground level and to a further depth of 1,097 metres (3,599 ft). 

Kimberley Airport Car Hire

Kimberley mining started in 1871 by Cecil John Rhodes and Barry Barnato and continued until 1914.  A Diamond company was formed called De Beer  who was the original owner of the farm.  The mining company name is now internationally known as De Beers Diamond mines.

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Tempest Kimberley Airport Car Hire