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Book cheap flights

South African Domestic Airlines offer a vast number of daily domestic cheap flights at competitive fares crisscrossing the country.   South Africa has 5 major domestic airlines to choose from linking every commercial domestic airport.


Choosing a Cheap Flight

This can be quite a daunting task of phoning around and comparing various cheap flights.  We at Travel Start have taken away this challenge and simplified everything for you.  You choose your dates and we give you a simply laid out tabulated page of all the airline fares and times for you to compare & choose the best flight that suits your planned arrangements.  You can also choose between Economy of Business class seats.   A further click will open a calendar around the dates you wish to fly offering you a cheap flight a day earlier or a few days later.  You’re in charge and you decide what suits you best.  Lastly, Book your Car Hire Online.   Don’t wait to get it all done now, online

Booking Domestic Cheap Flights

Once you have chosen and clicked on the flight you prefer.  Follow the booking steps and pay and settle the fare with your credit card.  All from the comfort of where ever you may be.  A few moments later once your card is cleared your confirmation is emailed back to you – Job done.  You are on your way !!


No matter where you are in the world.  The internet has made the world a smaller place.  Armed with your mobile phone and an internet connection you can be sitting in New York and be booking your internal cheap flight in South Africa for when you return.  Wow,   Don’t you think technology is incredible?  If you have any problems there is a 24/7 phone number and email to resolve any issues you may run into.

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Domestic cheap flights