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View and compare some of the cheap flights to Zurich Airport Switzerland, the largest international airport in Switzerland. One can compare prices and book flights online, save your time and money. From here one can reconnect with scheduled cheap flights or chartered flights to 196 destinations in 62 countries around the world.  There are direct flights to Johannesburg Airport with car hire facilities and coach transfers available.  Both your flights and car hire can be booked from the comfort of your own home, directly on line.  Zurich Airport is also known as Kloten Airport and is located 13 kilometres north of central Zurich.    

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Zurich Airport is only 11 minutes by train from the city centre and there are approximately 13 trains to Zurich main station every hour. From here one can get to most places in Switzerland within a few hours. Buses and trams are available in front of the Airport Centre providing access to all areas surrounding the airport as well as the main station or Hauptbahnhof.  The A51 motorway is the main connecting road to the airport.  Zurich is not only the largest city in Switzerland but also the financial and fashion hub of the country.  Wow.!!

You do not have to travel Paris or Milan for the latest fashion trends.  Zurich is well know as a fashion destination.

The Airport Centre contains several buildings including check-in areas, a shopping mall, a railway station and a bus and tram terminal.  All departing passengers access the same departure level of the Centre.  Enjoy some Duty Free shopping and choose from a varied of fine restaurants.

Zurich Airport

The original construction of the airport began in 1946 and has continued to expanded.   In 2003 it was further enlarged to cater for the larger wide bodied aircraft.  A new parking area, a midfield terminal and an automated people mover.

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Zurich Airport Switzerland