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International Airports World Wide exceed more than 1200. Over and above that number there are innumerable domestic airports that you can use to connect to your final destination.  The list of World Wide Airports is almost unlimited.  Many countries have several International airports and an even greater number of domestic airports.  Consider the likes of Britain, France, Germany, JFK New York or perhaps even Sydney.

Air travel Benefits

When you consider the wonders and the speed of Jet Travel today compared to the gruelling months at sea on rocking sailing ships back in the 17th Century.  Air Travel has become exceedingly popular today and is the most popular method of travel.   The advent of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet in 1968 encourage tourism to explode.  Airlines are still growing their fleets today. 

The growth of airports continues to grow daily.  The demand continues to grow with the numbers of Passengers and Airfreight.  Statically at any given moment, there are at least 1 Million passengers flying in the air. 

The fuel is the most expensive part of any flight and has to be borne by the passenger fares.  This has upped the competitiveness of fare prices today.  This, making for a nightmare for the average traveller to find the best airfare price/quote.  That is where cheap flights comes into the picture we source the cheapest flights available for you across the world.  We help you compare by showing you a tabulation of fares on different days on different airlines instantly at a glance.  Very often by departing a day earlier or a day later can make all the difference.

Airport History

The worlds first commercial airport was Croydon, London, built in 1928 (England). It was London’s main airport until it was finally closed in 1959.  Today it has been converted into a day visitor centre for aviation history.

The oldest America  College Park Airport (KCGS), in the city of College Park, Maryland, US. It is the world’s oldest airport in operation, established in 1909.   Wilbur Wright arrived at the field to train two military officers in the US Army.

Booking cheap flights worldwide has never been easier.  Compare fares and book the fare that suits you.  All International Airports today offer online car hire which allows you to pre-book well in advance.

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