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Bloemfontein Airport Car Hire can get very busy both during the holidays season and busy working week.  Being the Judicial Capital of South Africa where the highest court in the land resides it does have its busy moments.  Bloemfontein is also the Capital of the Orange Free State.  We recommend you save time and book your Cheap Flights  and Car Hire to Bloemfontein online.   With in a few minutes you receive your Car Hire voucher and Flight reservations detail.  Ideally from Bloemfontein one can transfer to Cape Town and Johannesburg Airport.  This is very central and suitable for the tourists.

From our car hire depot we offer super or standard insurance cover on all car rentals in Bloemfontein.  From Bloemfontein you can travel across South Africa and drop the car at any other Tempest depot.  Always book as early as possible to avoid disappointment, Cars are not unlimited !
We strongly advise you book online.   Being the judicial capital of South Africa Bloemfontein car hire can often run short of stock becoming fully booked when major court appeals take place with lawyers and reports flying in from other areas.

Bloemfontein Airport Car Hire

Bloemfontein Airport, the Judicial Capital of South.   Bloemfontein being the capital of the Orange Free State.  Situated 440 km south of Johannesburg and 900 km north of Cape Town.  With your Tempest car hire you can access the Kimberley Diamond mines 160 km to the west.  Kimberley is famous for the many tons of Diamonds that where once mined.  Eastwards into the Northern Drakensberg mountains and mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.

Emily Hobhouse Memorial

Emily Hobhouse Bloemfontein Airport Car Hire

Emily Hobhouse (9 April 1860 – 8 June 1926) is remembered here with the Woman’s Memorial.  She  was a British welfare campaigner, who worked tirelessly in the British concentration camps to assist the Boer woman & children.   Bringing the poor conditions to the attention of the British public. She working to change, the deprived conditions inside the British administered concentration camps in South Africa.

There are those who speak to us across the ages. Individuals who, trapped in time and the currents of history, are able to see beyond the physical landscape or the politics that confine or define them. These are the activists and humanitarians, the abolitionists and freedom fighters who each, in their way, have advanced the human condition, thwarting the bloodthirsty and the brutal in an attempt to uphold justice.

What better place to have a memorial to this great humanitarian Woman than in the Judicial Capital of South Africa.

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Tempest Bloemfontein Airport Car Hire