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Cheap flights to Windhoek

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Windhoek is to be the geographical centre of Namibia. The German settlers originally established a town around a permanent spring in 1840.  However ongoing hostilities led to the settlement’s final destruction. An Imperial German Army major re-established the settlement in 1890 thereby making  Windhoek the hub of the country.   Virtually all government, educational and cultural institutions having their headquarters in Windhoek.  Many German-Namibian company owners base their company operations in the capital Windhoek.

A strong German influence remains in the city from its colonial past. In Namibia German is still popularly spoken in some shops with German beer and food offered in many restaurants. There are a number of museums and galleries.  Historical buildings can be found in Windhoek including the Christ Church and the old fort or ‘Alte Feste’.  The city centre lies 45km west of the Hosea Kutako International Airport.

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Due to its central location, Windhoek is the perfect starting point for visitors.  Perfect for those wishing to continue to other Namibian destinations such as the coastal cities Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Luderitz.  The skeleton coast draws fascination as does the petrified forest.  Etosha National Park in the northern province of Namibia is a great wildlife attraction for both locals and Tourists alike.

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Cheap flights to Windhoek