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Kruger Park

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Nelspruit is the gateway to the Kruger National Park and its unimaginable unlimited numbers of wildlife, but remember, Flights and Cars are not unlimited!    Get your car hire booked well in advance.


We strongly advise to always book your Flight to Nelspruit Airport & Car Hire directly online as early as possible to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important if you have plans to travelling further around South Africa.   Flights & Cars are not unlimited!   Don’t gamble with your marriage and also ruin your holiday plans ….

Originally know as Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) the new name of the airport is know Mbombela Airport Car Hire  Gateway to the world famous Kruger National Park.  The amazing wildlife of South Africa awaits to surprise and capture you in their natural world away from the busy city life. If you wish to commute between Pretoria and Nelspruit, it would be necessary to commute via Johannesburg

KMI or Nelspruit Airport is the starting point for those wishing to tour around the Kruger National Park.  Its a very popular area and Car Hire is in big demand.  We strongly recommend that you Book on line as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Tempest car hire has a depot at Nelspruit Airport for entry to the
Kruger National Park.   Your Tempest Car hire is essential for your freedom to get around and to experience the wildlife and their intriguing behaviour patterns at your own pace.  From Nelspruit Airport you can connect to Johannesburg Airport and thereby any other destination you may choose.

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) Gateway to Kruger Park

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) Gateway to Kruger Park

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela)

Apart from the Kruger Park the area once known as the Eastern Transvaal is a very scenic area.  Holiday makers rent a Tempest Car Hire and travel along the Panorama route visiting the various animal rehabilitation sanctuary while enjoying the scenic beauty of the area.  Eventually working their way to a private lodge or Parks Board Lodge in the Kruger park itself.

KMI or Nelspruit Airport is a small airport which may have to bring cars from other depots to meet demand.  We strongly advise not to book at the last minute, you could be disappointed.  Book online now ..

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Nelspruit Airport Car Hire Tempest (Mbombela)