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Frankfurt Airport is found 12 kilometres south-west of the city centre.  The major Frankfurter Kreuz Autobahn is nearby and serves as a major transport connection to the west-central European megalopolis.   Various destinations including Cologne, the Ruhr Area and Stuttgart.

Airport Facilities

Facilities at the airport include the Airport City Mall housing international and national retailers, The Square which connects to Terminal one and houses two Hilton hotels as well as conference centres and a Sheraton hotel.

Frankfurt am Main is the official name of the city is the fifth largest city in Germany and is at the centre of the second largest metropolitan area in the country. There are a number of historical landmarks and Religious sites in the city along with a renowned zoo.

Frankfurt Airport Transport

Transport from the airport is varied and widespread. There are two train stations with one handling regional trains while the other deals with long distance trains. Trains for Frankfurt central depart every 15 minutes and the trip takes approximately 12 minutes. Long distance high-speed trains that reach speeds of up to 300 kph connects one with Belgium, The Netherlands and Rhine-Ruhr region. Frankfurt Airport is connected to the A3 and A5 Autobahns and the journey to the city centre will take between 10 and 15 minutes. Buses provide transportation both locally and long distance.

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Frankfurt Airport