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Book cheap flightsView and compare cheap flights to Doha International Airport.  Doha is the capital city of Qatar and the name of the airport is Hamad. One can compare prices and book online saving you time and money!  More than twenty airlines offer connecting flights to predominantly middle and far eastern destinations. Hamad International is a relatively new airport having only been opened in April 2014 and lies approximately 14km from Doha city. Qatar Airlines operates regular flights to, Abu Dhabi, Dubai,  Cape Town and Johannesburg airports on a daily basis.

Airport Transport

Although there are some buses operating from the airport most people use taxis. Uber is also available. Taxis are not heavily regulated so beware of rip-off drivers.  A good tip is always to ask the price to your destination before letting the driver touch your bag.  For extra insurance write it on your hand.

Hamad International

Construction on the airport began in 2005 and after several delays, it was opened in April 2014. At this stage, there is only one terminal with five concourses. A second terminal is planned to cater for the expected influx of passengers for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Golden Teddy Bear1


There is a giant 7-meter tall bronze teddy bear statue dominating the grand foyer of the airport’s duty-free shopping hall.   A member of the Qatari Royal family bought the Teddy Bear for $6,8 million.  The statue weighs in at 18-20 tons

Doha is a modern city on the Arabian Peninsula. The City of Doha will host nation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  As a result, Doha has seen a growth spurt with Hotels springing up alongside century old markets.  The Museum of Islamic Art is in Doha, built on a man-made island.



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Doha Airport Hamad International