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You can compare and book cheap flights to Cape Town International Airport.  The most southern commercial airport on the continent of Africa.  Serviced by all South African Domestic airlines and many international airlines.  Whether you are looking for cheap flights to Cape Town for Business or for Holiday Pleasure.   You have landed on the right page to compare a variety of cheap flights available.  There are also direct flights to Bloemfontein Airport.  Booking cheap flights online is both the modern way and the professional method of conducting both your business & personal holiday arrangements.   And before you forget are going to need a Car Hire, book it know.

Who visits Cape Town 

Affectionately known as the “Mother City”.   Apart from South Africans, a large number of foreign tourists fly to Cape Town and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, cuisine and wine route.  From Cape Town tour along the Garden Route.  Some travel as far as Addo Elephant Park north of Port Elizabeth. Travellers come from far afield as Britain, France, Germany, Holland who all have roots from the founding of South Africa in the 1700s.  American tourists and Australian tourist fly in to enjoy the wildlife and the laid back lifestyle matched by excellent weather.  Many more visitors from Africa arrive to enjoy some holiday shopping.  Cape Town is also a ‘springboard’ into the rest of Africa and the East including Windhoek the capital of Namibia and Abu Dhabi & Doha in the United Arab Emirates.  Not to be forgotten would be Amsterdam & Paris in Europe

Business Travel

There are many attractions for both businessmen and holiday makers alike.
Cape Town is the seat of the South African Parliament.  Commercially, many international companies have their South African Head office based in Cape Town.  South Africa has often been called the springboard into Africa

Holiday Travel

For the holidaymaker, the attractions are almost endless – but since most of us have to pay our own flights we want to start off with booking either our International flight or Domestic cheap flight to Cape Town.  The more we can save the more we can spend on the fun activities, Right?  For example, Touring the oldest town in South Africa, the Fort,  a cable car trip up Table Mountain, a ferry boat ride out to Robben Island where the late Nelson Mandela was interned.  The famous Red Bus tours could include the famous topless red bus tours.

The Cape Peninsular

Tour down the peninsular, hugging the precarious coastline cliffs of Chapman’s Peak Drive.  Cross over the peninsula to visit the penguin colony at Boulders beach.  Onward to the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve with its lighthouse and spectacular views over the seas.  The area is a protected Nature reserve where various wildlife animals roam freely.  Baboons, Eland with their majestic horns (largest antelope in the world) Bontebok, Zebra, and Ostriches to name but a few.  There are no known predators in the park.

attractions in Cape Town

From Cape Town, holidaymakers can radiate further afield. Travel up the West Coast to the natural beauty of the more desolated areas of the Cape.  With the opportunity of crossing the border into Namibia and onto Windhoek.  North to the fertile wine lands famous for wine tasting and wine pairing, cellar tours all are available.  Or Eastwards along the popular Garden Route towards Addo Elephant National Park and Port Elizabeth.  You can book a return flight from Port Elizabeth Airport back to Cape Town or other airports in South Africa…

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Cheap flights to Cape Town