Cheap flights to Amsterdam


Cheap flights to Amsterdam

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Remember that last minute bookings will always cost you more.  Royal Dutch Airline KLM is based here and radiates out across the world to include Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa

Schengen Visa
The Netherlands is party to the Schengen agreement which requires visitors to any of the 26 member countries to be in possession of a visa. The Schengen visa allows visitors a 90 or 180 day stay for either business or vacation. Detailed requirements for the visa are available on application.

The Town of Amsterdam 

Amsterdam city centre is only 9km from Amsterdam Airport.  Linked by several bus and train routes.  Amsterdam is a vibrant European city crisscrossed by canals and filled with artistic heritage. The Rijksmuseum has works by the Dutch masters Rembrandt and Vermeer on display and is not far from the Van Gogh Museum. The museum houses the world’s largest collection of the famous painter’s art. Cycling is a great way to get around the city and there are cycle paths in almost all areas.

There are many interesting day excursions around Amsterdam. A short 40km drive down the A4 will bring you to Keukenhof. One of the largest tulip gardens in the world.  Famous for Beautiful tulips.  The garden is known as the Garden of Europe with over 7 million bulbs planted annually.

Hollands attractions

The Hague
The Hague, where the International Criminal Court sits lies 60 km to the south of Amsterdam. The city is also home to the Dutch parliament and the U.N International Court of Justice. There are a number of museums and palaces in this city including the 16th century Noordeinde Palace.

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Cheap flights to Amsterdam