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You can compare and book cheap flights to Cape Town International Airport.  The most southern commercial airport on the continent of Africa.  Serviced by all South African Domestic airlines and many international airlines.  Whether you are looking for cheap flights to Cape Town for Business or for Holiday Pleasure.   You have landed on the right page to compare a variety of cheap flights available.  Booking cheap flights online is both the modern way and the professional method of conducting both your business & personal holiday arrangements.  

Who visits Cape Town 

Affectionately known as the “Mother City”.   Apart from South Africans a large number of foreign tourists fly to Cape Town and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, cuisine and wine route.  From Cape Town tour along the Garden Route.  Some travel as far as Addo Elephant Park north of Port Elizabeth. Travellers come from far afield as Britain, France, Germany, Holland who all have roots from the founding of South Africa in the 1700s.  American tourists and Australian tourist fly in to enjoy the wildlife and the laid back lifestyle matched by excellent weather.  Many more visitors from Africa arrive to enjoy some holiday shopping.  Cape Town is also a ‘springboard’ into the rest of Africa including Windhoek the capital of Namibia

Business Travel

There are many attractions for both businessmen and holiday makers alike.
Cape Town is the seat of the South African Parliament.  Commercially, many international companies have their South African Head office based in Cape Town.  South Africa has often been called the springboard into Africa

Holiday Travel

For the holidaymaker, the attractions are almost endless – but since most of us have to pay our own flights we want to start off with booking either our International flight or Domestic cheap flight to Cape Town.  The more we can save the more we can spend on the fun activities, Right?  For example, Touring the oldest town in South Africa, the Fort,  a cable car trip up Table Mountain, a ferry boat ride out to Robben Island where the late Nelson Mandela was interned.  The famous Red Bus tours could include the famous topless red bus tours.

The Cape Peninsular

Tour down the peninsular, hugging the precarious coastline cliffs of Chapman’s Peak Drive.  Cross over the peninsula to visit the penguin colony at Boulders beach.  Onward to the Cape of Good Hope Nature reserve with its lighthouse and spectacular views over the seas.  The area is a protected Nature reserve where various wildlife animals roam freely.  Baboons, Eland with their majestic horns (largest antelope in the world) Bontebok, Zebra, and Ostriches to name but a few.  There are no known predators in the park.

attractions in Cape Town

From Cape Town, holidaymakers can radiate further afield. Travel up the West Coast to the natural beauty of the more desolated areas of the Cape.  With the opportunity of crossing the border into Namibia and onto Windhoek.  North to the fertile wine lands famous for wine tasting and wine pairing, cellar tours all are available.  Or Eastwards along the popular Garden Route towards Addo Elephant National Park and Port Elizabeth.  You can book a return flight from Port Elizabeth Airport back to Cape Town or other airports in South Africa…

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International Airlines

Low cost flights with International Airlines

Low-cost flights with International Airlines.

We offer you a tabulation of all the available flights for your chosen dates for you to compare and decide.  You compare dates, times, fares & costs as well as the cabin class that meets your needs.  All that remains is for you to then book your Low-Cost Flights Online!!  It’s that easy!

Whether you wish to fly on a specific airline, for example, Air France to Paris, South African Airways. Or perhaps from Cape Town, Qantas to Sydney Australia.  Or you just want the most economical flight, you can book it right here online

With the launch of the Boeing 747, Jumbo Jet, International travel became affordable to most travellers.  The 747 has now ceased being build and the Airbus has taken over.  International Airlines conceived the idea of low-cost flights from the inception of the Jumbo Jet.  Greater loads equate to lower costs yet more efficiency.  Thereby encouraging the explosion in the Tourism industry.  It was once said – The World suddenly became a Smaller Place.

Birth of the Jumbo Jet age

On February 9, 1969, the “City of Everett” became the first Boeing 747 ever to fly.  It lifted off from the new runway at Boeing’s specially-built 747 factory in Everett, Washington.  Construction continued, lasted 41 years and ended in approximately 2010 having built 1500 Passenger Jumbo jets. International Airline and Domestic Airlines continue to expand increasing their competitive edge by introducing low-cost flights.  Some airlines were launched as economical low-cost airlines from inception.

From the first introduction launch of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet in 1969 aviation history was made. Tourism and international airline travel kicked into high gear.  The entire industry across the world had to expand their airports to cater for these wide-bodied Jumbo Jets.  The Boeing Jumbo jet was the beginning of large capacity airlines. Widebody or Heavys as they were called.  Capable of moving large numbers of passengers economical around the world.  Virtually all major countries climbed into this new Jumbo Jet era…   International Airline transportation and added Jumbo Jets to their fleet of ailing Boeing 707s and VC 10 aircraft.
Today it is estimated that there are over 1 000 000 passengers flying through our sky’s at any given moment to worldwide airports.  This includes International Airlines as well as Domestic Airlines and air travel still continues to grow!

The end of the Boeing 747 era

International airlines have been slowly changing their fleet to twin-engine, more fuel-efficient aircraft with lower noise levels and lighter carbon fibre construction.  The double-deck Airbus A380 now exceeds the Boeing Jumbo’s carrying capacity and efficiency.

International Airline flights to South Africa

The three main International Airport Gateways to South Africa are through  Johannesburg Airport, Durban Airport & Cape Town Airport.  Direct flights to South Africa arrive from the UK, Europe, the East, Australia, America and most Africa countries.  On popular routes up to two international flights per day may arrive and depart.  Direct flights to and from major countries are available from Cape Town and Johannesburg Airports.

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Durban to Johannesburg via Drakensberg Mountains

4th December 2018

3 Day Tour – Durban to Johannesburg via Drakensberg Mountain resort

Book cheap flightsHoliday makers looking for an exciting holiday with a difference book their Low cost flights and car hire online and fly into Durban.  After enjoying the Blue Flag Beaches you head into the green mountains of the Drakensberg Mountains.  Delighting your taste buds with some great exotic Eastern dishes. You travel north west to the Great Drakensberg Mountain Range.  Where hiking, horse riding, rock climbing, exploring caves, rock paintings and just relaxing in the fresh mountain air is very invigorating & rejuvenating.  The expected distance from Durban to Johannesburg Via Drakensberg Mountains is less than 700 km.

British Airways Launches Inaugural direct flight to Durban

Local South Africans and many other travellers from as far afield as the U.K. & Netherlands fly to Durban for a warm Summer Holiday.   One of South Africa’s popular seaside holidays resorts, with almost everything one would expect.  British Airways launched its Inaugural flight direct from London Heathrow to Durban International direct on the 1st November. Search our economical airfares and low cost car hire rates to meet your budget and fly direct from UK to Durban South Africa – Wow – that’s a winning combination, the seaside has just moved closer to Britain and Europe!

Day One
Arrival in Durban

You fly into Durban’s King Shaka International Airport and collect your pre-booked cheap Car Hire. Travel south from the airport on the N2 for 36km to Durban, one of South Africa’s major tourist destinations.  We recommend you pre-book your accommodation with a sea view room for incredible views.   The famous Marine Parade situated between your hotel and the beach.  Durban Marine Parade where every sort entertainment is found irrespective of age.  Along the Parade your find an abundance of restaurants and Hot snack takeaway shops / carts to choose from.

You do not need an expensive car hire to get around.  A economic car hire will meet all your needs which will also include Air Conditioning, Power Steering and above all Fuel Economy.  Most hotels provide underground Parking for their guests.

Places of Interest in Durban

uShaka Marine World is a massive theme park situated on the beachfront. The Marine park is divided into eight sections. This includes an aquarium, a snorkelling lagoon and the chance to cage dive with sharks.

The futuristic Moses Mabhida Stadium that was constructed for the Football World Cup boasts a panoramic viewing platform.  A large arch over the stadium with a small railway takes you up to the apex for great views.

Overnight Durban

Day Two

Depart from Durban on the N3 north freeway towards Pietermaritzburg, the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal. From here the road takes you through the Natal Midlands, an area of farmlands linked by a number of quaint little towns. The region is well known for its arts and crafts trails.  Woollen items and designer candle made by the Zulus are sold from road side shops.

Northern Drakensberg

This impressive mountain range lies roughly halfway between Durban and Johannesburg. Its best known feature is the famous Amphitheatre where the mountains rise up a 1000m over a length of 5km.

The Tugela Falls, the second highest waterfall in the world, after Angel Falls in South America, drops off the escarpment in a series of five cascades. Many of the large number of caves found throughout the Drakensburg contain rock paintings.

This is the perfect area for some hiking and shopping at road side Zulu shops.  Candle, crafts and woollen products are fabulous & famous.

Accommodation is both widely available and varied. Whether you are looking for a hotel, bed and breakfast or self-catering option, the Berg has it all.  You might consider the family Cavern Resort on the mountains with hiking trails leading out the back gate, as well a bushman paintings etched into the rocks
Overnight Drakensberg

Day Three

Depart from the Drakensberg travelling north on the N3. The route takes you through the Free State and on to Gauteng. Johannesburg is 352km from Ladysmith and the drive takes approximately three and a half hours.

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