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This is Hertz Pretoria Car Hire…  Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, situated approx 50 km north of Johannesburg Airport.   Pretoria was founded in 1855 and named after Andries Pretorius.  The seat of the South African President.  Affectionately know as the Jacaranda City with its enormous number of Jacaranda trees planted along the streets and in the parks.  The Jacaranda trees blossoming in a Blue/Purple colour usually in October.   It is a beautiful city with many historical buildings. Situated just north of Johannesburg Airport this central centre of South Africa is one of the main business area

Hertz Pretoria Car Hire Branch assists both businessmen and tourists alike

It is a beautiful city with many historical buildings. Situated just north of Johannesburg this central centre of South Africa is home to the main business, international embassies etc in the area.

it’s also home to universities and government buildings. The semicircular Union Buildings encompass the president’s offices and hosted Nelson Mandela’s inauguration. Nearby is the Voortrekker Monument, honouring 19th-century Afrikaans settlers from the Cape Colony.

Despite the many corporate offices, small businesses, shops and government departments that are situated in Pretoria’s sprawling suburbs, its Central Business District still retains its status as the traditional centre of government and commerce.   Many banks, businesses, large corporations, shops, shopping centres and other businesses are situated in the city centre which is towered by several large skyscrapers, the tallest of which is the Poyntons Building (110 m tall), the ABSA Building (132 m tall) and the Reserve Bank of South Africa building (150 m tall ).

Hertz Pretoria Car Hire

Hertz Pretoria Car HireUnion Buildings built by Sir Herbert Baker starting 1910

We always advise that you book your car hire on line well in advance.  Pretoria is situated just north of Johannesburg airport and though there is a large depot at the airport car hire can run short, so avoid disappointment and book well in advance


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