Low cost flights with International Airlines

Low cost flights with International Airlines.

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With the launch of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet International travel became affordable to most travellers.  International Airlines conceived the idea of low cost flights from inception of the Jumbo Jet.  Greater loads equates to lower costs yet more efficiency.  Thereby encouraging the explosion in the Tourism industry.  It was once said – The World suddenly became a Smaller Place –

Birth of the Jumbo Jet age

On February 9, 1969 the “City of Everett” became the first Boeing 747 ever to fly.  It lifted off from the new runway at Boeing’s specially-built 747 factory in Everett, Washington.  Construction continued, lasted 41 years and ended in approximately 2010 having built 1358 Passenger Jumbo jets. International Airline and Domestic Airlines continue to expand increasing their competitive edge by introducing low cost flights.  Some airlines were launched as economical low cost airlines from inception.

From the first introduction launch of the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet in 1969 aviation history was made. Tourism and international airline travel kicked into high gear as never seen before.  The entire industry across the world had to expand their airports to cater for these wide bodied Jumbo Jets.  The Boeing Jumbo jet was the beginning of large capacity airlines. Wide body or Heavys as they where called.  Capable of moving large numbers of passengers economical around the world.  Virtually all major countries climbed into this new Jumbo Jet era..   International Airline transportation and added Jumbo Jets to their fleet of ailing Boeing 707s and VC 10 aircraft.
Today it is estimated that there are over 1 000 000 passengers flying through our sky’s at any given moment to world wide airports.  This includes International Airlines as well as Domestic Airlines and air travel still continues to grow!

The end of the Boeing 747 era

International airlines have been slowly changing their fleet to twin engine, more fuel efficient aircraft with lower noise levels and lighter carbon fibre construction.  The double deck Airbus A380 now exceeds the Boeing Jumbo’s carrying capacity and efficiency.

International Airline flights to South Africa

The three main International Airport Gateways to South Africa are through Johannesburg Airport, Durban Airport & Cape Town Airport.  Direct flights to South Africa arrive from UK, Europe, the East, Australia, America and most Africa countries.  On popular routes up to two international flights per day may arrive and depart.  Direct flights to and from major countries are available from Cape Town and Johannesburg Airports.

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