Hertz Polokwane Airport Car Hire

Polokwana Airport Car Hire

Hertz Polokwane Airport Car Hire.  Polokwane  Airport, was formerly Hertz-Rent-a-Carknown as Pietersburg Airport or Gateway Airport.  Polokwane in the capital province of Limpopo.  It opened on the site of a former air base in 1996 and has regular scheduled flights to Johannesburg every day.  The airport can be useful for those travelling to the Northern Limpopo area.  Visitors and holidaymakers to the Kruger Park and the beautiful Magoebaskloof forest area. Daily flights fly in from Johannesburg airport.  Polokwane Airport is also a holiday getaway.  For those wishing to collect their car hire at Polokwane airport and continue on through Magoebaskloof, Tzaneen, to the Kruger National Park.

About Hertz Polokwane Airport Car Hire

Hertz Polokwane Airport Car Hire
Modjadji Cycad Reserve

The Reserve is named after Queen Modjadji, the Rain Queen.  She fled Zimbabwe in the 1800s and settled in Limpopo. The Queen was famous for her magical powers of rainmaking and fertility.  The Zulus highly respected the Queen powers.

The reserve is also famous for its Cycads trees.  With a subtropical climate, the area has become well known for its rain and mist.   The area is also famous for the cherry blossoms.  In late September early October the petals of the cherry blossom flowers rain down forming a magical carpet of colours

Hertz Polokwane Airport Car Hire

Hertz Polokwane Airport Car Hire

Fly into Polokwane, collect your pre booked Car Hire and travel East to Magoebaskloof.  Pre Book your accommodation in a breath taking mountain atmosphere.  The scenic green forests are inviting and worthy of small hike.  The flower season is towards end September and early October.  During this flower season the cherry blossom trees will shed their flowers and should not to be missed.  Flower petals float to the ground like snow flakes thereby making for the perfect romantic get away.

Hertz Polokwane Airport Car Hire is only open during normal business hours.  It is therefore closes in the evenings and weekends.   Should your arrangements require a late pick-up or return, kindly arrange with depot timorously.

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Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental

Phalaborwa Airport

Get Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental right here, your spring board into the Kruger Park.  Phalaborwa airport is an unusually attractive layout with the theme being the Kruger Park Wildlife.   Do you wish to fly in?  Then pre-book your Low cost Flights and  Economical Car Hire right here.


Getting there:

There are daily flight to Phalaborwa airport from Johannesburg, flight time of just over an hour with SA Airlink. Phalaborwa is the central gate to the world famous the Kruger National Park.  Phalaborwa Gate to the Kruger Park entrance is approximately 2 kilometres away.  You collect your Pre Booked car hire at Phalaborwa airport and drive straight into the Kruger National Park.  With both Car Hire and Airline tickets online we make Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental very convenient for you.


Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental

Holiday makers from all corners of the world come to view the South African Wildlife in their natural habitat.  The British, Dutch and German travellers really enjoy a photographic Safari.  Capture your trophy on film and leave it to walk free.!  Returning to your lodge for the laid back life style matched by excellent weather.

Kruger National Park covering 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life forms fuses with historical and archaeological sights.  This is the real Africa. The world-renowned Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that ranks with the best in Africa.

Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental

Travel Warning

Warning, there must be sufficient time for you to drive from the gate to your Lodge.  The speed limit is 50 kph on paved roads and you must be in camp before 6pm.  For example Phalaborwa gate to Olifants Camp is 83 km and will take approx 2 hours.  Otherwise you will be refused entry until the following morning.  If you are sensitive to the sun then do wear Sun Block and protection creams.

We strongly advise you to always book your flights & car hire as early as possible to avoid disappointment, Flights & Cars are not unlimited!   Don’t gamble with your marriage and also ruin your holiday plans …!!

Hertz Phalaborwa Airport Car Rental awaits you.  Fly the family into Phalaborwa collect your car and spoil them with the wonders of South Africa’s Wild Life – so much to see that will totally amaze children & adults alike ….

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Hertz Mthatha Airport Car Rental

Mthatha Airport

Hertz Mthatha Airport Car Rental

Mthatha Airport is a domestic airport servicing internal domestic flights.  We offer Car Rental through are affiliation with Hertz car hire at Mthatha Airport.  Most importantly, on occasions, Mthatha Airport has to bring cars in from East London Airport to coup with the demand. Therefore we recommend that you take advantage and save time by booking your car immediately on line and avoid disappointment.   You can also compare the best airline fares and book your flight directly online, click fights on-line.   There are regular flights from Johannesburg airport.

About Hertz Mthatha Airport Car Rental

This is the old Capital of the former Transkei which were once known as the African homeland areas.  The Transkei covers some of South Africa most beautiful countryside in the area between the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and the rugged coastline of the Wild Coast and Port St Johns.  The area is still steeped in an old original tribal customs.  Today it is still a popular area for travel and holiday makers.



Hertz Mthatha Airport Car Rental

Mthatha, formerly Umtata, is Madiba country. Renowned as the world’s most loved President (Nelson Mandela).  The former statesman was born in the nearby town of Mvezo, spent his childhood in Qunu.  In 2013 President Mandela was laid to rest in his ancestral home of Qunu.  Today the main buildings of the Nelson Mandela Museum are in Umtata.

Hertz Mthatha Airport Car Rental

Nelson Mandela Museum

The old Transkei region. This part of the country remains steeped in old traditions where women still wear ochre-coloured dresses with turbans, wire bracelets and white clay on their faces and bodies, they also enjoy smoking the pipe.  Boys still practice the transition into Manhood

Hertz Mthatha Airport Car Rental offices are open during normal business hours.

Are you intending visiting the Transkei area?
Take the shortcut and fly in

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Hertz Lanseria Airport Car Rental

Lanseria Airport Car Hire
This is Hertz
Lanseria Airport Car Rental  

We offer Hertz Lanseria Airport Car Rental.  Early car bookings will avoid delays and insure your chosen vehicles is available for you on arrival.  We also offer airline bookings at Lanseria airport.  We strongly advises that you avoid last minute bookings and rather use the below booking / enquiry form.  Save your time and money.  The Airport also offers an excellent shuttle service between major cities and airports.  It is possible to cross connect to Johannesburg Airport should you wish to meet an international flight.

Hertz-Rent-a-CarAbout Hertz Lanseria Airport Car Rental

Lanseria Airport is one of South Africa’s newest privately owned airports.  Built in the up-market northern suburbs of Randburg and Sandton, Johannesburg in 1974.  Mainly commercial domestic airlines and private flights from within South Africa use the airport extensively.   It is a popular airport amongst businessmen flying in and out on a daily basis.  From Lanseria direct flights to various South African City’s including Bloemfontein and Cape Town are available.  The airport can accommodate aircraft up to the size of the Boeing 757-300.  Lanseria also encourages overseas passengers from Britain, Australia and Europe etc.


Hertz Lanseria Airport Car Rental

Lanseria Airport Services

Commercial flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, Durban and George operate daily  with Kulula, Mango and FlySafair  Airlines.  Your flights can be booked online through our Travel Link online system.   Airport facilities include an upgraded passenger terminal building.  This includes restaurants, duty free shopping, lounge facilities, etc.  There is ample parking, with easy flow pick up and drop off areas.  The improved road access gets you to Lanseria Airport is hassle (and toll) free.    Car hire  and long and short term parking facilities are also available.

Sufficient space for future expansion of Lanseria Airport has been catered for to allow for larger aircraft.  The excellent service provided 24/7, 365 days a year.  This remains the favourite destination of most private internationally jet travellers.

Hertz Lanseria Airport Car Rental

Hertz Lanseria Airport Car Rental offices are generally open during normal business hours.  If your arrangements require an early collection, or, perhaps late return, then please arranged with the depot before on collection.

Due to Lanseria Airport, being located in the upper market suburbs makes it particularly popular for the business traveller.  It also caters for private executive jets both locally and internationally.  If you are flying into Lanseria you will find Hertz Car Hire available to offer you a variety of Cars in various hire options.

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Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire South African Diamond Capital

Hertz Car Hire Kimberley

This is Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire



Car Hire and Flights at Kimberley Airport.  Lieing 7 km south of the city centre in the heart of the Northern Cape.  Perhaps better know for the ‘Big Hole’ where diamonds where mined in the late 1800s with basic tools.  A landmark hole carved 240 meters into the earth by early diamond prospectors.  Side shafts descended to a total of over 1000 m.  Known as a kimberlite pipe hence the name of the town.   A total off 2722 Kg of diamonds where mined before closing.  The kimberlite pipe is the core of an extinct volcano.  With tremendous heat and pressure turning carbon into diamonds.  Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire will give you the opportunity to collect your car hire on arrival.  If possible book the Protea Kimberley Hotel.  This Hotel is on the edge of the “Big Hole” and right next door to the Old Museum, all within walking distance.

Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire 

On arrival at Hertz Kimberley Airport car hire branch you collect your pre-booked car hire.  Your adventure starts here where you set off on your adventurous holiday.

Diamond Mining
A visit to the museum at the “Big Hole” is a must; replicas of some of the biggest diamonds in the world are house here.  The famous “Tiffany Yellow” Diamond was one of the largest fancy yellow diamonds discovered. It weighed 287.42ct in the rough when discovered in 1878 in the Kimberley mine in South Africa.  Cecil Rhodes and Barney Barnato made their fortunes here.  The Town was once considered to house the highest concentration of Millionaires in the world.

The Boer War.
Then just south of Kimberley  the battle of Magersfontein  where, they were, the Boer troops slaughter the British due to bad battle plans – find out why?  Kimberley is the largest and the capital city of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire 

The “Big Hole”
A visit to the museum at the “Big Hole” is a must; replicas of some of the biggest diamonds in the world are house here.  The famous “Tiffany Yellow” Diamond was one of the largest fancy yellow diamonds ever discovered. It weighed 287.42ct in the rough when discovered in 1878 in the Kimberley mine in South Africa

Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire 

Replica of The Tiffany Yellow Diamond.  The rough diamond weighed in at 287.42 carats.  It was finally cut in the shape of a cushion with 82 facets – 24 more than a traditional round diamond

Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire 
Kimberley mine museum
is a small village with some of the original buildings,  vehicles and equipment that was used in a bygone day.  A couple of ladies fashion shops will fascinate the ladies travelling with you.

Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire 

With your Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire you can drive south and visit the Battlefields & Museum of Magersfontein.  Surprisingly the Boer trenches are still very visible today!

Kimberley was a strong-hold for the Boers during the Second Boer war.  South of Kimberley the devastating battle of Magersfontein took place.  This is where the British troops where mowed down in open country.  The Boers where well dug into the small hillside where their trenches can still be seen to this day, the Magersfontein museum is worth viewing.

Hertz Kimberley Airport Car Hire 

The Battle
At sun rise the British troops had crossed the Modder River and where in full march north to Kimberley  towards this small hill deeply entrench with Boer forces.  At the last moment the Boers opened fire.  The British had nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  The British lay face down on open ground.  The hot sun beat down on them with no cover to protect them all day.  If they moved and showed a sign of life the sharp-shooting Boers shot them.  Only after the cover of darkness where they able to safely retreat.

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Hertz East London Airport Car Hire

East London Car Hire

Hertz East London Airport Car Hire – Through our affiliation with Hertz Rental Car, we offer East London Airport Car Hire.
Book your Airline Seat and Airport Car Hire right here on line – Wow, how convenient is that?   
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Between 20 and 30 flights land at East London
each day with 346,000 people welcomed each year. The airport is crucial link in the Holiday market, playing an important role in the growing economy of the Eastern Cape.  With lovely beach hotels lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.  You will be guaranteed a great holiday.



This is Hertz East London Airport Car Hire

Hertz East London Airport Car HireEast London Airport

Built in 1966 and is 9 km west of the city centre of East London.  The modern airport serves the domestic airlines.  This is a small but very popular destination for local holiday makers with sub tropical weather and moderate climate.  Endless beaches and surfing for the more adventurous.

Hertz East London Airport Car Hire
What are you waiting for?  Enjoy your next Holiday at this pristine beach holiday destination.  Don’t leave it to a last minute holiday booking.  Avoid disappointed.  Be an expert and get the job done, now.

Hertz East London Airport Car Hire - beach front hotels
Once again you can fly into East London collect your Hertz Rental Car at East London Airport and head north to Durban 660km or South to Port Elizabeth some 290 km.  Inland to The Addo Elephant National Park.

Hertz East London Airport Car Hire is a small depot.   Being a small town, your rental cars can be limited.  We therefore strongly recommend you to book your car online.  Advance booking will insure your wheels are ready and waiting for you on arrival.

Flights can also be booked directly online through our affiliates  Travel Start or Car Hire on-line now.

What are you waiting for?  The pristine beaches of East London is your next holiday destination.  The Blue Flag beaches await you.  Last minute bookings will cost you more and could leave you disappointed.

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Hertz Durban Airport Car Hire


Hertz Durban Airport Plan banner
Car Hire – King Shaka Airport   

King Shaka Airport Durban Car Hire.
The new Durban International Airport was built in the heart of Zululand, North of Durban .  The spacious surroundings allowed for more future development as air travel continues to expand.  Durban airport was opened in 2010 and named King Shaka Airport after the fierce King Shaka.


The airport serves both international and domestic flights.  In November British Airways started flights between Britain London and Durban direct.  Durban is your gateway to the beaches of fun, sea and the sun.  Spoil her and show your professional leadership qualities by booking your flight on-line and your car hire, instantly from the comfort of your lounge – just get there and let the fun begin !!

Hertz Durban Airport Car Hire King Shaka Airport

Hertz  Durban Airport Car Hire – King Shaka International Airport

Hertz Durban Airport Car Hire King Shaka Airport

Gateway to the Province of Natal South Africa

Durban Airport formerly Louis Botha Airport started operating flights in 1951.  It replaced the then Stamford Hill Aerodrome.  It was the international airport of Durban Natal until 2010.  60 Km north of Durban was the site of the new Durban Airport call Shaka International.

We have a large & diversified fleet of car hire through our association with Hertz rental cars available.  However, book early during peak season or over holiday and festivities periods.

Collect you Car Rental from the Hertz Car Rental desk on arrival and head off to your beach hotel.  Relax on the beaches before travelling, west to the Drakensberg Range holiday resorts.  North to the Kingdom of Swaziland and further to the Kruger National Park Wildlife resorts & camps.   Or you may choose to travel south through the formal Transkei and onto Port Elizabeth where a visit to the Addo Elephant Park is a must.  Turn west and continue to cape Town along the Garden Route.  Read about various tours in our blogs

For your trip to Durban, book your Car Hire and Low Cost Flights online.   Due to a high demand for car hire we  strongly recommend you pre book your car, especially over busy and popular holiday periods. To insure you receive the flights and car hire of your choice it is wise to book well in advance.  Your chosen car with then be available and awaiting your arrival

Hertz Durban Airport Car Hire offers three forms of car insurance to meet your car hire requirements.  Standard cover with an excess. Super cover with a small excess and maximum super cover with no excess available only to international clients.
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Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire

Johannesburg Car Hire

Johannesburg Hertz Car Hire

This is Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire



People from all over the world travel to Johannesburg and continue on into Africa.  Travellers include Britain, Australia, America, and more recently the Eastern countries.

Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire – OR Tambo Airport Car Rentals

Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire

Johannesburg Airport also called OR Tambo International Airport has the largest Hertz car rental fleet of cars.  The Johannesburg airport branch of Hertz is open 24/7  365 days of the year – it never closes.  Assistance is always available either in person or over the phone from anywhere in South Africa.

Transport available at Johannesburg Airport

Johannesburg airport is the hub for International flights and domestic flights. From here onward connections are often made to surrounding provinces and countries.  Taxis, Car Hire, and Trains, the high speed Gautrain will whisk you to various destinations at 160 kph. It services both Johannesburg & Pretoria.  Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire is housed in the multistory car park in the centre right of the photograph.

Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire

Johannesburg airport is located on the M1 Motorway next to the town of Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire
Johannesburg Airport opened to commercial flights in 1952.  Jan Smuts Airport was the original name after Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts.  Smuts was a prominent South African and British Commonwealth statesman, military leader and philosopher.  Remembered for bringing South African strength into World War two.  Later he escorted the King & Queen of England and their two Princesses on their South African tour in 1949.  The Airport was renamed on October 2006 to Oliver Tambo Airport, or OR Tambo Airport.    Oliver Tambo was an anti-apartheid revolutionary who was the President of the African National Congress (ANC)

Hertz Johannesburg Airport Car Hire is your Gateway to South Africa

In 1886 George Harrison found Gold on a farm called Langlaagte.  Johannesburg sprung up as a small town on the Gold Reef.  Mining commenced and gold laden rock extracted.  To separate the gold from the rock it was first crushed.  Gold extraction was far from perfect.   Large amounts of Gold remained in the ore and mine dumps grew as the waste piled up.

These momentously large dumps found another use as the filling to level the streets and paving of Johannesburg.   As a result the streets of Johannesburg still contain large amounts of gold.

 “The streets of Johannesburg are paved in gold”

From Johannesburg Airport you collect your Car Rental and radiate out to Sun City, Kruger Park, or Drakensberg holiday resorts.

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Cheap flights to Polokwane


Cheap Flights to Polokwane

Book cheap flightsView and compare cheap flights to Polokwane, the capital of South Africa’s Limpopo province. Compare prices and book online from anywhere in the world, saving you time and money. Consider booking your Car Hire in Polokwane now as well.  There are regular daily flights to Polokwane from Johannesburg’s O.R. Tambo Airport. Booking your cheap flight online in advance will save both time and money. Remember, last minute bookings will always cost you more.

Airport Car Hire
Book your cheap car rental at Polokwane online in advance and avoid disappointment, especially in season. Car rentals are available at Polokwane International Airport which is situated only 5km north of the city.  Last minute bookings always cost more so book as far in advance as possible

About Polokwane

Polokwane, the capital of the Limpopo province, formerly known as Pietersburg. The town gained city status in 1992 and has become the hub of the northern areas of South Africa. Polokwane is situated close to the neighbouring states of Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana, making it an ideal business destination.

There are a large number of attractions to be found in and around Polokwane including museums and historical monuments. Modern shopping centres with restaurants, coffee shops and banks are plentiful. The Farmyard offers a range of fresh produce.  Whereas hand made curious crafts can be found at the Bush Craft.

Why not book your car rental and explore the region on a self-drive tour. Polokwane is just over 200km from the Kruger National Park via the R71, which passes through the town of Tzaneen. The road takes one through Magoebaskloof or ‘the Land of the Silver Mist ‘.  The Magoebaskloof Pass is a popular scenic drive through forested hillside terrain. The Modjadji Cycad Reserve is home to some of the largest and oldest cycads on earth situated 40 km from Tzaneen.  Passing the homestead of the fabled Rain Queen, Modjadji.

Queen Modjadji

The Modjadji or Rain Queen is the hereditary queen of Balobedu.  A people of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The Queen succession is matrilineal and so, therefore, her eldest daughter will be the only heir to her throne.   Males may not ascend the throne at all.

polokwane attractions

Book cheap flights
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Go online today and book your car rental and flight to Polokwane, Limpopo.


Nelspruit Airport Car Hire Tempest (Mbombela)

Kruger Park

Welcome to Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela)

Nelspruit is the gateway to the Kruger National Park and its unimaginable unlimited numbers of wildlife, but remember, Flights and Cars are not unlimited!    


We strongly advise to always book your Flight to Nelspruit Airport & Car Hire directly online as early as possible to avoid disappointment. This is particularly important if you have plans to travelling further around South Africa.   Flights & Cars are not unlimited!   Don’t gamble with your marriage and also ruin your holiday plans ….

Originally know as Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) the new name of the airport is know Mbombela Airport Car Hire  Nelspruit Airport Car Hire depot is our gateway to the world famous Kruger National Park.  The amazing wildlife of South Africa awaits to surprise and capture you in their natural world away from the busy city life.

KMI or Nelspruit Airport is the starting point for those wishing to tour around the Kruger National Park.  Its a very popular area and Car Hire is in big demand.  We strongly recommend that you Book on line as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Tempest car hire has a depot at Nelspruit Airport for entry to the
Kruger National Park.   Your Tempest Car hire is essential for your freedom to get around and to experience the wildlife and their intriguing behaviour patterns at your own pace.  From Nelspruit Airport you can connect to Johannesburg Airport and thereby any other destination you may choose.

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) Gateway to Kruger Park

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela) Gateway to Kruger Park

Nelspruit Airport Car Hire (Mbombela)

Apart from the Kruger Park the area once known as the Eastern Transvaal is a very scenic area.  Holiday makers rent a Tempest Car Hire and travel along the Panorama route visiting the various animal rehabilitation sanctuary while enjoying the scenic beauty of the area.  Eventually working their way to a private lodge or Parks Board Lodge in the Kruger park itself.

KMI or Nelspruit Airport is a small airport which may have to bring cars from other depots to meet demand.  We strongly advise not to book at the last minute, you could be disappointed.  Book online

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